Stop Listening To Music With Your Ears. 

Save Your Hearing Before It's Too Late.


Let us tell you a life changing story about the largest challenge that one of the greatest composers of all time had to endure.

What we are about share with you may open your mind to something that you may have never thought would be possible. 

It may even be shocking to some of you... But, it's true.

For those that do not know Beethoven...

...he had to make his music with a type of challenge that you would not believe. 


At a very young age, Beethoven started noticing some changes that were taking place. Something that would present some serious character building moments for himself. 

He started losing his hearing.

And some of you might be thinking,

"How does one create music without being able to hear? How is that even possible?"

Well, let's just say Beethoven was relentless. He wasn't going to accept that he was powerless.


He believed he could still live his passion even during the face of adversity.

As a result, he decided to awaken his senses in a new way by trying bone conductionIn order to hear his music, he needed to rely upon vibrations to connect with every note that he wrote.


It's this story that taught us something that is beyond powerful. There is no mistake as to why Beethoven is one of the greatest composers, ever.


Just like Tony Robbins says, "We learn by desperation or inspiration."


And sometimes, it most certainly could be both. As Beethoven's hearing started to dwindle, we could guess that his desperation and inspiration began to rise.

His devotion to his music took him deep into places where he had no choice but to find a solution. And with that devotion, he has shown the world that no matter how challenging a situation may be, with careful thinking, creativity, and drive, exciting things can always still happen.


Also, we now know that you do not have to listen to music with your ears to enjoy your favorite sounds.


And, if you are someone that is constantly concerned about hearing difficulty after using traditional headphones that go in your ears, then our cheekbone headphones can be the perfect solution. 


When putting on our bone conduction headphones... can be like an AWAKENING as you've never heard sounds come from within your mind and not through your ear drums. Like this little girl trying them on for the first time. It leaves people literally saying, "Wow!" 

Watch closely how this gentleman plugs his ears but can still hold a conversation... and of course, he says that magic word...


If you feel like you are ready for this new listening experience and to stop putting pressure on your ear drums, then do not procrastinate and get our earless, cheekbone headphones today.

#savethedrum ❤

So many music users have reported hearing loss from traditional headphones that go in their ears.

They are finally at the point where they feel they need to stop using traditional headphones because the chances of hearing issues are going to increase. 

It's almost like they are saying, "Enough already of the earbuds! I am no longer going to take any chances!"

In a Canadian study they found that upto 30% of teens have reported tinging and buzzing in their ears due to the high volume of sounds going directly into their ears. 

According to James E. Foy, DO, an osteopathic pediatrician, listening through headphones at a high volume for extended periods of time can result in lifelong hearing loss for children, teens, and adults. 

He says, "Even a mild hearing loss due to excessive noise could lead to developmental delays in speech and language.”

You all know how loud "Ear In Headphones" can be as people choose to use them everyday and people are using them non-stop!

Especially this new generation of kids who are always blaring music into their ear drums.

#saveyourkidsdrums ♥

This is why zBones are perfect. No ears are necessary. Just your cheekbones. So you can listen to your music with less worry as they will not be inside your ears. 

And, according to a survey by the Better Hearing Institute, hearing loss negatively impacts household income on average up to $12,000 per year.

Therefore, zBones are such a low cost purchase for something that can be life changing.


So, if you want to start putting yourself in less situations where you could be constantly, blaring music into your ear drums, then you should probably take your own word for it and strongly consider our cheekbone headphones. And...

...For A Limited Time Only, You Can Get The World's Coolest Undiscovered Bone Conduction Headphones For 20% Off.

Now real quick before you consider purchasing, we would like you to make us a promise and this is very important that we share this with you. If you have an issue with our headphones, please make sure to let us know about how you feel. Of course we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee which basically means that you can try our headphones for FREE, but we absolutely love feedback from our customers. And here’s why. If we do not offer amazing good customer service then we will no longer have a business.

Besides alleviating pressure on your ear drums, let us tell you some other useful qualities of our headphones. With that, let us ask you this question...

What would it be worth to have wireless, bluetooth, headphones that are hard to lose and stay on your head?

We see too many people that are losing separate ear buds or they fall out of their ears far, too often.


This is something that seems to be plaguing millions of music users...

They are always losing their ear buds or they easily fall out...

...especially if they are being active during functional activities like running, biking, hunting, shooting, fishing, and much much more.

Now, don't get us wrong, the cool factor of wearing separate ear buds is definitely a great fashion statement. And for many people that are sedentary and not participating in extravagant activities, then separate ear buds may be fine.

However, let's be real here, people still lose their ear buds even if they are just putting their shoes on, setting them on their kitchen counter, or they fall in between your car seat. 

So actually, even if you are sedentary or moovin and groovin through high energy activities that revolve around a lot of jumping, bouncing, and reactivity, you probably want a pair of headphones that will not fall off your head. 

As we said earlier, "They can't fall off, they can't fall out, and they don't hurt..."

Just to be sure, we negotiated with Judan to perform the zBones Shake Test.

And as you can see... he couldn't, get, them, off... 😂

Besides normal headphones blaring into your ear drums...

What if you are someone that commonly complains about painful headphones that go in your ears?

This is something we hear from users all the time.


They choose to try our cheekbone headphones...

...because normal ear headphones "hurt their ears."

And to add to this, not only are zBones 1 piece, but they are also wireless with bluetooth.

And why is this so great?

You can be highly active and not get tangled up in a cord. In the old days, yes, 1 piece headphones were typically attached to your music player. 

With our bone conduction headphones, they are 1 piece, wireless, ready for action...

...and let your ears stay completely wide open.

How many of you have that nasty build up of ear wax that gets all over your In-Ear Headphones?

Okay, we know this picture isn't pretty. But, we would rather be transparent than say nothing at all. 

Let's be real here, many of you have gone through this process of picking ear wax out of your ear buds?


It's not fun. 

Not to mention this, more people should read more about the potential problems associated with lack of ear flow from having the airway obstructed in a person's ear. 

With our open eared listening experience, your ears will not find airflow obstruction from our headphones.

And before we go any further, my name is Andy Limbaugh, the President of zBones... 

I am the one explaining our world class, bone conduction headphones in the above videos...hailing from Southeast, Missouri where the country music is loud, family campfires are roaring, and a large tractor is lurking in every field. 


I am a former college football player, turned fitness fanatic that finally became fed up with losing my headphones during all of my rambunctious activities…


After countless amounts of long distanced jogs and losing my headphones in woodsy thickets, I knew there had to be another way to keep my headphones on my head... 


...Not to mention my late night runs through the woods with my ears plugged kept me a little uneasy. 


When trying zBones for the first time, I was hooked! Immediately, I knew that these headphones would stay on my head and keep my ears open at all times. I love these headphones so much that if I would absolutely love to give every person a pair for FREE! 

But, then you probably wouldn't like our headphones near as much because heck, who gives away FREE headphones? 

This just shows you how much I really want you to have the opportunity to have the coolest listening experiences with your favorite sounds, and, protect your ear drumsSo, with that said, if you subscribe today you can get your first pair of our zBones Stealth for 20% off!

By the way, if you are someone that is not into Camo then don't worry, we also offer our zBones Stealth.

Not everyone digs the Camo and prefers a more simple pattern. 

Which we believe our classic style is beyond super cool.

Our zBones Stealth are black with a touch of red...

...which can make them perfect for a variety of activities.

You might not be a hunter, fisherman, heck, maybe you don't really enjoy nature.

Maybe you just need some of your favorite sounds with a good morning stretch, a strong workout, or a peaceful meditation...

...which also makes them built for athletes as well.

And, as you can probably guess...

runners, bikers, and walkers love zBones for the safety factor.

I want you to imagine this for a second.

When you are going for a run. You could find yourself off the eaten path where there is little to no oncoming motor vehicles.

However, many runners find themselves close to roads and heavy pedestrian areas. And of course, cyclists typically have to share the road with surprising and abrupt traffic adventures.


By utilizing our headphones, your ears are always open which can deliver a high level of safety when looking to mind your surroundings. 

Especially, if you are walking down the side of the road and need to pay attention.

Actually, this leads us to another advantage of our headphones, sometimes, you can go for a walk down the wrong street and really need to mind your surroundings.


Better yet, some may prefer to stay hyper vigilante...

...and protect themselves.

Here is something else we've learned...

many people complain about having little ears and need better headphones.

People are curious about open ear headphones because they can never find ear buds that sit comfortably inside their ears.

Or, they just don't like ear buds in their ears.

And for some people, besides "Ear In Headphones" hurting their ear drums, certain headphones may actually hurt their ears.

zBones sit on your cheekbones and leave your ears completely out of the equation.

And yes, we realize this isn't a person. We didn't have any volunteers to show off their ears for this picture. But we felt this little guy is kind of a cool doggy.

So how does bone conduction work?

Bone conduction works by sending sound vibrations through the bones of our skull to our cochlea.


The sounds around us make the skull bones near our cochlea, vibrate. We may not be able to feel these vibrations, but our cochlea can.


It picks them up and sends them to the brain as electrical signals, allowing us to hear the sounds.

Which leads us to share a really interesting point about hearing...

The use of bone conduction headphones cannot cause hearing loss between the outside of the ear to the eardrum.


So what does this specifically mean?


We have found that many people are choosing to use bone conduction headphones as they feel that listening to their favorite streaming audio content through ear buds is a less than desirable short-, and long-term, experience; physical discomfort of having the buds inserted into their ears and too, knowing that continued use could lead to long-term hearing loss.


This is why we say that if you are a person who feels the anecdotal worry about listening to music conventionally, then switching to "cheek bone-hearing” could be a very suitable alternative to our traditional listening process.

#saveyoureardrums ♥

Learn why we partnered with Mossy Oak.

No doubt, we believe that Mossy Oak is the coolest Camo brand on the planet. 

Their community conveys a lifestyle that is everything with the great outdoors and all the beauty that nature has to offer. 

And, as someone who grew up in the great outdoors of Southeast Missouri where the lands are filled with wild life, hunting, gaming, fishing, and all the country music I could have ever asked for, I knew that Camo had to go on our headphones. 

And this is why we wanted to be the only Bone Conduction Headphones with the Mossy Oak Break Up Country Camo Style.

Here's an encouraging thought... Our zBones are not just for the great outdoors.

Immediately, I know most people are assuming that only people who love the outdoors would love Camo Style Headphones.

This is definitely not true and as you move further down this page you will continue to see the big picture of the zBones lifestyle.


People that love the outdoors enjoy them but people who just want to look cool in Camo love them too. And this is something that has happened with dozens of customers. They purchase our traditional Black and Red zBones Stealth but eventually buy another pair of our Camo Mossy Oak Style.

See how Ingrid loves to use her headphones as she's prepping a little dinner...

Think about this. You want to hear your favorite sounds while running around the kitchen and prepping for a delicious dinner.

But! You know that you need to keep your ears wide open.

Some of you might be thinking,“Umm why?”

We could easily say that you need your ears open for the smoke alarm, the doorbell, a house call, or maybe you are having a conversation with someone while cooking up a storm.

But here is another big reason. For those of you that have a kid or kids, then having your ears open at all times can be very important if not critical.

You need to be aware of what’s going on with your kids when you are trying to multi task... among being aware of other factors in your home.

Or, you could be on the BBQ and need to keep your ears wide open for the raccoons trying to sneak up on you during your camping trip... (😁)

Did you know that the simple push of a button is all that's necessary to take a call?

In any situation or any activity that requires your necessity for receiving phone calls begins with the simple push of a button if you really wanted to. 


And were not saying that most people would, but you could even be rock climbing at your favorite gym and traversing the wall and could easily receive a phone call.

Remember, it's just the simple push of a button.

Or, you could simply just enjoy the right song while you're climbing the wall. this guy.

By the way, did you know that you can change the volume directly from your headphones?

One thing that we hear over and over again is that people love the accessibility of changing the volume directly on our headphones.

Just imagine you are in situation where it's not easy to reach down into your pocket and change the volume of your phone. You could be exercising, running, or even hitting the ski slopes. 

So many people get lost in their pocket when trying to change the volume.

With our headphones, you will no longer have to go searching into your pocket for a volume change.

For all your skiers and snowboarders...

...there may have been a time where you found yourself wanting to listen to music but be completely aware of your surroundings. ​

You may have found yourself in a situation where you couldn't hear someone coming from an awkward direction which left you vulnerable.

Having your ears available when going on your downhill adventures could be a powerful safety support system for not just hitting the slopes, but for many things that could be related.

Now let's talk about some long days in the wilderness with stillness which can create for some loneliness. Until now.

This is something that many hunters have been sharing with the zBones Team.

When you are out in the wilderness and sitting in stillness, some of your favorite sounds can be enjoyable to pass the time. 

With zBones, your ears are always open so you can hear the sounds of nature because zBones sit on your cheekbones.

The long days in stillness that can bring some loneliness don't have to be quite so lonely when you have your zBones.

Watch below and hear from Bitcoin Ben on how he feels about his wilderness adventures...

"With zBones, you no longer have to be alone..." - BB

You no longer have to be as lonely when waiting for your fish to bait the hook.

For all you fishermen out there... your moments on the water can be some of the most pleasant and peaceful moments. 

And peaceful can be peace and quiet for many people. 

But, for some of you or maybe many of you, a little catchy tune or your favorite podcast may go a long way with a long day on the water.

Which leads us to another reason that zBones can be great when sitting or casting for long periods of time...

zBones have 6 hours of battery life when spending a long day waiting for your first bite.

So what if you want to keep your ears open when talking with your best friend?

For all you dog lovers, you have to hear about Chelsea and Gus.

Chelsea received the coolest gift from her dog, Gus. 


When Chelsea wrote her Christmas list, she specifically requested a pair of zBones headphones. 


And guess what, Gus was a little confused when she asked for 'zBones'. 


If you can imagine, his doggy mind only thought about the word, 'bones'.


His father Eric had to tell him, "Gus, not doggy bones. zBones." But don't worry, Eric straightened him out before Gus went shopping. 


Okay, okay, we know Gus didn't actually go buy a pair of zBones for Chelsea. But we needed a good story to go with this amazing picture.


Needless to say, Chelsea and Gus are looking forward to the holidays and we definitely know that Gus is excited for Chelsea's new headphones.


And why is that?


Chelsea can play with Gus and, take him for a walk and still hear him at the same time.


Remember, zBones Headphones sit on your cheekbones which leaves your ears wide open to hear your surroundings.


Therefore, zBones can be amazing for all activities where you want to hear your surroundings and, enjoy your favorite sounds at the same time.

What if you want zBones for everyday work life? Look how John rocks his zBones all day, everyday, at the office.

We could easily say, "Car, Camo, Collar, Coffee, and Charisma." 

Or, we could say the zBones etiquette are the 5 C's.

Again, some people think that Camo is just for the wilderness or the outdoors. But, zBones can be used for all aspects of your daily life. 

Many people love it because they can listen to sounds on their cheekbones but still have their ears available for interactive conversations.

Oh, and before we forget, did you know that zBones are great for ear ring lovers? Just ask Mike or Anna.

Here's the thing... and this is not the same for everybody.

But there are people that have issues and concerns when it comes to using ear buds or ear headphones when wearing ear rings.

As you can see with Anna and Mike, it appears that their ears rings have plenty of room considering the headphones do not go in their ears.

Did you know that many MMA Fighters love listening to music without their ears?

As you can see, a huge benefit for a fighter that has had a little wear and tear on their ears is that our headphones do not go inside your ears.

Apparently, many fighters can get rather frustrated when they cannot find new headphones that fit comfortably on their ears.

Which is why zBones may be a good fit if you are a fighter that may feel the same way.

And by the way, did you also know that many Uber and Lyft drivers find open eared headphones useful?

It's true.

Apparently, when communicating and picking up customers it can be useful to not be starring at the phone constantly.

They need to be completely alert! They need to be completely focused.

Which is why using open eared, cheekbone headphones can allow you dual capabilities where you can listen to your sounds but stay completely focused and aware.

You could be sitting at your favorite stop and need to switch over to a customer call...

Not to mention if you are driving and trying to navigate the pick up point. Like we said earlier, all it takes is a simple push of the button on your left ear to receive a call.

What are others saying about zBones?

“Unlike earbuds these are warn outside of the ears, I am deaf on my right side, wearing these I can hear music and my phone because it uses bone conduction. OMG, I nearly cried hearing sound on my right side and clearly for the first time in a decade.”

Mike W.

"These headphones are wonderful! I jog with them and they don't move at all on my head! I like that there is nothing inside my ear, the sound quality is great, and I love that I can still hear everything around me (especially later at night) while enjoying my music. Buy a set of these, you won't be disappointed!"

Jennifer P.

"I had just got your Stealth, I had worn them while snow blowing and had them in my hat. I took the hat off and put it in the wash, the machine filled a quarter way before I fished them out. The Stealth still works and I'm enjoying them. Thanks for quality product."

Steve S.

"I wear mine under my snowboarding helmet and can still hear the snow under me while ridin. Great product love em!!!"

Dennis H.

And here's one final point about bone conduction technology.

If you have never tried it before, it's really quite an experience. If you go back to the above videos on this page, you'll notice the reactions of people trying them for the first time.

Usually we hear first time users same something like, "Wow. This is crazy. How can I hear music like this?"

Simply put, bone conduction can be quite the listening experience and really help people that need to protect their ear drums from repeated, traditional, headphones exposure. Besides the open ear capabilities of being able to hear your surroundings while listening to music simultaneously, it's a cool experience. 

And like we said earlier, Beethoven used bone conduction to continue making music as he aged. 

So, give them a try and be the person with the coolest headphones and protects their ears for years to come. 


Andy Limbaugh, President of zBones. 

P.S. Some of you could easily need more time before making the decision to enjoy the unique listening experience that we offer. If that is the case, then feel free to subscribe today and get 20% Off your first order of our zBones Stealth. Remember, it doesn't cost you a thing to subscribe. At the very best scenario, if you finally decide that this product is right for you, then you will have your discount on your first pair, forever. And, you have your 30 day money back guarantee which is basically saying they are FREE to try. 

Our product's flat surface area allows for thorough and complete sanitization.

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