• ZBONES & MOSSY OAK CAMO: Whether you are an avid hunter, fisherman or just prefer to participate in the latest fashion and listening technology trends, Mossy Oak, America’s premiere outdoor lifestyle brand, and its Break-Up Country camo, is now uniquely presented to the masses on our latest version of ZBones bone conduction headphones.
  • BONE CONDUCTION HEARING TECHNOLOGY: Composer Ludwig van Beethoven had it going on! Way back in the early 1800’s, Beethoven’s research into how to deal with his worsening deafness led him to do the following: he positioned one end of a metal rod onto the soundboard of his piano, and put the other end of the rod into his mouth. The vibrations, originating from the piano, and flowing through the rod, were received by his jawbone, and ultimately interpreted by the brain. Music!
  • HOW THEY WORK: Replacing metal rods, ZBones bone conduction headphones are Bluetooth-paired with a smartphone, or similar audio streaming device. Vibrations from the headphone’s speakers, positioned directly in front of the ears, are channeled through the cheekbones (bone conduction), and on to the brain for interpretation of the streaming content. The cheekbones, in essence, have become a second set of eardrums, leaving the normal hearing process intact.
  • BENEFITS: 6-hours of continuous (2 hour charge time), hands-free, high-quality, clear audio listening and/or phone calls, utilizing the latest in Bluetooth pairing to your smartphone or similar device, while maintaining environmental awareness for personal safety. Sweat-proof for active lifestyles. No long-term hearing-damage. Great for those with basic hearing loss and for kids and young adults in an effort to mitigate long-term hearing damage that may occur by using traditional headphones.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN & EASY TO USE: ZBones accommodate various lifestyles, whether active or relaxed, for long-term wearing comfort and safety. ZBones comfortably “hang” over – NOT IN, nor COVERING, the ears, and its speakers rest gently atop the cheekbones, directly in front of the ears. Function buttons are easily accessible while wearing, and the pairing of your headphones to Bluetooth-enabled devices is a snap! They can’t fall out, they won’t fall off, they don’t hurt and they’re simple to use!


Disclaimer: Official Licensed Product of Haas Outdoors, Inc., West Point, MS 39773. Distributed by zbones.

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    Our product's flat surface area allows for thorough and complete sanitization.

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