How to Wear Your ZBones


ZBones are designed to fit comfortably over the ears as the speakers rest gently atop the cheekbones, directly in front of the ears.

ZBones can't fall out, they won't fall off, and they don't hurt!


Z-Function Button


The Z-Function button allows the user to pause and resume music or streaming audio content, skip-to-next-song, accept/hang-up phone calls, send incoming calls to voice mail.

Function steps:

  • Pause and resume audio: "Quick"-click the button

  • Skip-to-next song: Double-click the button

  • Accept/Hang-up phone calls: Quick-click the button

  • Send incoming calls to voice mail: Press-and-hold the button

How to Use Your ZBones

Power Button


Press and  hold the button to turn the power on and off.

Volume down Button


Volume is decreased with "quick clicks" of the button. Audio content can be rewound to its beginning by pressing and holding the button.

Volume up Button

Volume is increased with "quick clicks" of the button. Audio content can be fast-forwarded in 15-second increments by pressing, holding and releasing the button.

Micro USB Input

A full charge takes approximately 2 hours with the universal micro USB charging port. A charging cable is included.