Open Ear Bluetooth Bone Conduction Headphones 

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Bone Conduction Hearing Technology

Normal human hearing occurs when sound vibrations are transmitted through the air and, with the assistance of our outer ears, travel into the ear canal (air conduction) and are captured by the eardrums, sent to the inner ear complex, and  interpreted by the brain.


When wearing ZBones, sound vibrations emitted from the speakers are captured by the cheekbones (bone conduction) and travel directly to the inner ear complex and on to the brain for interpretation. In effect, the cheekbones become a second-set of eardrums, allowing the wearer to hear sounds from two different sources while existing in the same environment.

Whether listening to music or talking on the phone, ZBones allows you to hear sounds around you; people, vehicles, emergency sirens, etc., providing you with increased safety.

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Our product's flat surface area allows for thorough and complete sanitization.

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