Company Information

Where is the ZBones company located?

ZBones is located in St. Louis, Missouri-USA and is in the Central Time Zone.

How can I contact the company?

You may contact the company by the following email address: A company representative will reply to your email communication within 24 hours.

How long has ZBones been in existence?

ZBones was formed as a Missouri Limited Liability Company in July, 2019.

What makes our product different from similar proucts on the market?

Our preferred over-the-ear ergonomic design, unlike that of some of our competitors, does not "pinch" the skin above the ears and therefore allows for a more comfortable, long-term wearing experience. Questions or issues with your ZBones? Unlike most of our competitors, ZBones is based in the USA (St. Louis, MO) and provides our customers with unparalled customer service. In addition, our 30-day, no-questions-asked return-of-purchase-price warranty assures a no-risk product purchase. Questions? Contact us via email at

Warranty/Shipping Information

What is the warranty on my ZBones purchase?

30-Day Money Back Guarantee We have a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back, satisfaction guarantee from proof of the date of purchase of your ZBones headphones. Full purchase price will be refunded via PayPal payment system upon proof of date-of-purchase and location of purchase (Eg: In person, on-line, etc.) and our confirmed receipt of the return of your ZBones headphones. If the purchase was paid in cash at a trade show or similar type of event from a ZBones booth, please provide us with the date and location of the purchase by emailing us at: See product return shipping information below. 1-Year Limited Warranty We have a 1-year limited warranty from proof of date-of-purchse on product defects, specific to defective internal componets that may cause the product to not operate properly. In the event that you experience an issue with your ZBones, please email us at and we will get back with you to provide troubleshooting assitance. If we are unable to resolve with troubleshooting, we will replace your product free-of-charge upon receipt of your defective product. See product return shipping informaton below. 90-Day Product Replacement - Not Due to Defective Internal Components We will replace your ZBones for a nominal $20.00 replacement charge for product issues NOT RELATED TO defective internal components. This limited replacement time period is from 90-days from proof of the product purchase date. For us to replace your product during this limited time frame, we must receive all of the following items:
1) Proof of Purchase date/receipt. If purchased for cash from a ZBones representative or from a ZBones booth at a trade show, special event or similar, please provide us with the name of the event, date, City/State. You may provide this information to us via email at:
2) Proof of Return of product. Ship your ZBones to us via the product return shipping informaton below.
3) Provide us with your contact information (First/Last Name, Mailing Address, Phone, email) for product replacement and replacement charge processing. Once we have confirmed receipt of purchase information as described above and the returned ZBones, we will contact you to process the new product replacement charge. Once payment has been approved, we will ship your new replacement pair of ZBones the same or next business day. Missouri sales tax will be added, if applicable, as well as standard USPS shipping charges. Product Return Shipping Information In the event you need to return your ZBones, please send to the following address: ZBones Return 1988A Innerbelt Business Center Dr. Overland, MO 63114 (314) 601-4940

Product Function Troubleshooting

How long do I need to charge my ZBones?

A full charge of your ZBones will take approximately 2-hours.

How long will a full charge of my ZBones last?

A full charge of your ZBones will provide approximately 6-hours of continuous listening. 6-7 days is the approximate "stand-by" period before a full recharge of your ZBones becomes necessary.

Can I pair my ZBones with more than one device?

Yes. You can pair one ZBones headset to two different bluetooth-enabled devices. Example: Pair to a smart phone and a TV sound bar. To pair to a second bluetooth-enabled device, make sure the ZBones are powered-on and then press and hold the Z-Function button until the "Ready to pair" voice is heard. ZBones will automatically search for the second device to pair with and once paired, you will hear "Paired." You are now paired with two bluetooth-enabled devices.

How do I initially pair my ZBones with my smartphone?

Make sure that your ZBones have been fully charged (2-hours). Place your ZBones on your head in the proper wearing position; over the ears and the speakers resting atop your cheekbones, directly in front of the ears. Press and hold the Power-On button until you hear the voice prompt: "Powering On." Shortly after, you will again hear the voice prompt: "Ready to pair." Go to your smartphone Settings - Bluetooth and search for "ZBones" as a listed device (Note: If, during this initial pairing sequence, you do not see "ZBones" listed, turn your smartphone off and then back on as it may need to go through a "rebooting" process.). Enable "ZBones" as the device to pair. In approximately 15-25 seconds, you will hear the voice prompt: "Paired." That's it and you're ready to begin using your ZBones as paired with you smartphone.

How do I change the volume of my ZBones?

Volume adjustment can be performed in two ways: From your ZBones headset or on your smartphone. ZBones headset volume adjustment: Locate the Volume Up/Down buttons (refer to the How it Works page for product diagram) on the right side of your headset, directly behind your right ear. To INCREASE the volume, "quick-click" the Volume Up button until the desired volume leve is reached*. To DECREASE the volume, "quick-click" the Volume Down button until the desired volume level is reached. Smartphone volume adjustment: Increase or decrease the volume by the method used on your smartphone. In both instances, you can use one or both of the soft, yellow earplugs that come with your purchase. These earplugs can be used to micro-adjust the volume by decreasing the amount of ambient noise that may be emitted due to your current environment.

How do I receive or place a phone call with my ZBones?

To receive a phone call with your ZBones by a "quick-click" of the Z-Function button whenever you are receiving a call. If you wish to send the call to voice mail, press and hold the Z-Function button until the incoming call has stopped. To hang-up, simply "quick-click" the Z-Function button. If you were listening to audio at the time of your call, the audio will resume where it left off. To place a call, you will need to use your smartphone to initiate the call. Once the dialing process has been completed, you will hear the dialing tone through your ZBones. Simply begin talking when the call is answered. To hang-up, "quick-click" the Z-Function and your audio will resume where it left off.

How do I know when I need to recharge my Zbones?

Your ZBones will provide a series of "beeps" when the remaining battery life reaches 10%. Another way to check to see if your battery life is low, you will see a flashing red light located just below the the Power On/Off button on your ZBones. When your ZBones are fully charged, the flashing light will turn blue.

I see ZBones in my smartphone's Bluetooth settings, but my phone will not pair with my ZBones.

Just like a laptop, ipad (or similar) or desktop, your smartphone is a computer and sometimes it needs to be rebooted. Simply turn your smartphone completely off. Wait about 60 seconds and then turn it back on and then go through the pairing sequence again. More thank likely, this simple reboot of your phone should solve this pairing issue.

I've purchased a new smart phone. My ZBones say that it's paired, but it appears to be recognizing my old phone bluetooth connections and not my new phone.

To quickly resolve your problem, do the following: 1) On your new phone, go to the bluetooth settings and locate ZBones. 2) Click on the ZBones name or icon, depending on your type of phone. 3) Click on Forget/Remove This Device as that will remove any prior settings that your have been stored in your ZBones. 4) Click and hold the Z-Function button (left speaker) until you hear “Ready To Pair." 5) Your phone's Bluetooth settings will be searching for a new device to pair with. After a few seconds, the word ZBones will appear. 6) Click on the word ZBones to execute the final step in the pairing sequence. After a few seconds and once connected with your new phone, your ZBones will say “Paired." Your phone's bluetooth settings will also display that your ZBones are connected. This is the same process that would be followed to pair your ZBones with a second bluetooth-enabled device such as a TV sound bar or computer.

Can zBones be used to transmit T.V. sound? If so how would the device hook upto the T.V.?

If you have Bluetooth 4.0 or higher on your T.V. then it can transmit sound through your zBones.

Are zBones compatible for hearing aid users?

zBones work very well as an alternative to hearing aids for those who experience basic hearing loss; hearing loss issues that are located from the outer ear to the ear drum as our product, and its technology, utilize the cheekbones, in effect, as a second set of ear drums, therefore bypassing the hearing loss issue. If someone claims that hearing loss is beyond the hearing drum issue then zBones will not work as an alternative to hearing aids, as those are typically nerve-damage related, or similar, in scope.

Are zBones Waterproof?

No, zBones are not waterproof and cannot be submerged in water or other types of liquids. However, they are sweatproof. They have been thoroughly tested to withstand rigorous physical activity during the hot summer months, or walking/running in the rain or snow.

Can zBones be adjusted to fit various head sizes?

No, zBones are designed as a one-size-fits-all product to accommodate the use of additional items that may be worn while using zBones. Example: sun/read glasses, ball/sock caps, ear protection while shooting, protective hard hats, protective face masks, etc...

Where is the microphone located on the zBones Headphones?

The microphone, which appears as a tiny hole, is located between the 11/12 o'clock position above the right speaker on the zBones Headphones.

What is the water/liquid resistance rating for zBones?

zBones are sweat proof and have an IPX5 rating. The rating scale for devices assigned for water protection are from IPX0 (no protection from water or liquids) - IPX8 (the highest rating for full waterproof protection; device can be submerged in water deeper than 1-meter for 30 minutes or more. IP (Ingress Protection) is an internal protection code. X represents not tested against protection from solid objects. The number in the rating represents the protection level from water or other liquids. Devices with an IPX5 rating, such as zBones, can resist jets of water at low pressure. Examples: rain, snow, sweat, low pressure water spray, such as might be expected riding on/in a marine-type craft etc...

Can zBones be used on the shooting range?

As long as you use whatever type of ear gear that you choose and it does not obstruct your cheekbones, then yes you can. Use of your preferred ear protection from loud sounds will still allow for bone conduction through your cheekbones if you choose to wear zBones during the activity.

Product Return Shipping Information and Directions

Should you wish to return your purchase for a refund as per the warranty information as described above, please ship to us, your purchased pair of ZBones, along with the following information, so that we may properly and efficiently provide you with your full refund-of-purchase, once we have verified that purchase: 

  • Your name, mailing address, email address and phone number.

  • Where your product was purchased (example: online, trade show, special event, etc.). If you purchased your product at a trade show or special event, please provide us with the name of the show or event, the date purchased, and the amount paid for your purchase.

  • Please send your product return, along with ALL of the applicable information as requested above, to the address listed below. Please note that the sender is responsible for any and all applicable product return shipping costs.

  • If you prefer to return the item in person. You may do so during the hours of 9am - 5pm Central, 7 days-a-week, to the address listed below. You must provide ALL of the applicable information as requested above so that we can verify your purchase. 


ZBones Returns

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If you have additional questions, please contact us at: