Here's our short story...


We are a group, that with our powers combined, is made up of a former athlete, a gadget nerd, and the best multi-tasker that exists. Some even might call us the 3 stooges..

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Hi. I'm Andy Limbaugh, President of zBones. I am the one taking you through this little introduction that follows. I bet you could guess which of the 3 stooges I would be...

Andy Modeling.jpg all started during a 2019 meeting where I first met Gary Kellmann and Jeff Wade, who would eventually become my business partners in zBones (The Gadget Nerd and the Multitasker). During that meeting, I just happened to notice a pair of what I perceived as bone conduction headphones sitting on the conference room table.

zBones Countertop.jpg

I remember that a friend of mine was wearing a product similar at a local gym a few months earlier, and there were no wires, and nothing in his ears.

Ross Triceps.jpg

2 months later, I was hooked and we were off to the races!

Gary and Andy.jpg

So why do I love zBones? As a former football player now fitness fanatic, I need a pair of headphones that stay on my head and keep my ears wide open on runs and in the gym (Look at the head of hair from my MIZZOU days)...

...Not to mention at a moments notice, I need to be ready for phone calls with the simple push of a button.

zBones Crew.jpg

We are excited to bring this product to the world and to, that you have chosen us as your bone conduction, open eared, headphone experts.

-The zBones Family